Terms & Conditions


These general terms and conditions set forth the relations between Fashion House Aglaya LTD, supplier of services, hereinafter referred to as the SUPPLIER, which offers goods for purchase to Users /hereinafter referred to as the CUSTOMERS/ through the online e-trade platform ELLYS-HOME.COM, hereinafter referred to as ELLYS-HOME.COM.

In connection with the above, please read these General Terms and Conditions before purchasing from e-store ELLYS-HOME.COM.

These General Terms and Conditions may be updated and changed from time to time. Please, inform yourselves of their updated content before each purchase.


Information pursuant to the E-Trade Act and Consumer Protection Act:

  1. Name of SUPPLIER: Fashion House Aglaya LTD
  2. Domicile and registered office: Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 4 Dobrovolets St.
  3. Address of operation of activity and address for submission of claims by users: Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 4 Dobrovolets St.
  4. Contact details: Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 4 Dobrovolets St., tel: +359 888 777 106
  5. Entry in public registers: UIC 160109919, No. of administrator of personal details: No. 434078


The subject of sales are the goods offered on ELLYS-HOME.COM by the moment of submitting application for purchase by the CLIENT. The catalogue section of ELLYS-HOME.COM is accessible and may be viewed by person. Registration on the website enables the SUPPLIER, on one hand, to receive accurate information about CUSTOMERS making orders. On the other hand, it gives access to CUSTOMERS to specific services (viewing the e-store, purchasing).

The goods sold on ELLYS-HOME.COM are described by terms and quality in it. The SUPPLIER is not responsible for possible differences in colours of purchased goods due to specific characteristics of computer screens. Requests for purchase of good/s are deemed to be an explicit consent of Consumers for the type and quality of good/s.

The Consumer Protection Act states that due to the nature of e-trade goods received by customers bay be returned within  14 days after purchase without specific reasons if the condition of goods is the same as on the moment it is delivered from the store to the customer (including wholeness of packaging).

Claims for purchased and delivered goods may be made within 14 days starting on the date of delivery.

Refund of amounts for purchased products shall be made only after the SUPPLIER receives back the sent product and makes sure it is intact!


CUSTOMERS may review, order and receive the goods from the website ELLYS-HOME.COM in the order and under the conditions stipulated therein.

CUSTOMERS may receive information on the status of their order.

CUSTOMERS are entitled to delivery of the ordered good/s to the specified delivery address after an e-mail confirmation by the SUPPLIER.

CUSTOMERS shall pay order price in the methods specified by ELLYS-HOME.COM.

CUSTOMERS may refuse ordered goods within 14 business days after receiving the goods if such are not used except  for being tested (operation of goods, fitness of size), the packaging is intact and its commercial appearance on delivery is preserved (all labels, stickers, etc. must be on the goods) and in case of compliance with the conditions of art.55 of the Consumer Protection Act.


Any time and without informing the CUSTOMERS, ELLYS-HOME.COM may suspend, stop or change provided services if the former use services in violation of these conditions, or at the discretion of ELLYS-HOME.COM. ELLYS-HOME.COM is not responsible to CUSTOMERS and third parties for damages and lost profits resulting from termination, suspension, change or limitation of services, erasure, modification. Loss, incorrectness, inaccuracy or in completeness of messages, materials or information transferred, used, stored or accessed through ELLYS-HOME.COM.

ELLYS-HOME.COM shall not be responsible for damages to software, hardware or telecommunication devices or loss of details resulting from materials or resources sought, downloaded or used in any way in connection with provided services.

ELLYS-HOME.COM may collect and use information about its CUSTOMERS in order to improve offered services. All purposes for which ELLYS-HOME.COM will use the information are compliant with Bulgarian law.

ELLYS-HOME.COM guarantees its users the non-disclosure of submitted information and personal details. Such will not be used, divulged or brought to the knowledge of third parties except for the cases and conditions set forth in these General Terms and Conditions.


The Consumer Protection Act stipulates that we, ELLYS-HOME.COM, shall provide you with free access to the following information:

  1. The basic characteristics of the goods are presented in detail on the page of each product
  2. The price of the goods is presented on the product’s relevant page includes VAT.
  3. Transport costs DOES NOT INCLUDE the price of goods.
  4. Payment of goods shall be performed pursuant to art.93, par.1 of the Obligations and Contracts Act for which the relevant document shall be received.


The General Terms and Conditions may be changed any time by ELLYS-HOME СОМ and the latter shall inform CUSTOMERS of the changes in General Terms and Conditions by publishing in the website a notice for the change and ensure sufficient period for letting the customers inform themselves of such. If CUSTOMERS fail to refuse changes in the given term they shall be considered bound by them. If CUSTOMERS declare in the given term that they do not agree with changes, ELLYS-HOME СОМ may immediately stop or terminate the provision of services to CUSTOMERS; however, obligations already existing at that moment must be performed.