About Us

Many brands have their own long history of how their enterprise began... Well, we do too, but with the enjoyable difference that our company dates to the Fall of 2017. How did it all began...well, that's interesting. Actually we are two engaging women and we've been friends since school where we were taught everything from sawing with a thread and needle to the most complex fashion cut of a dress. Each of us followed her path in life and respectively had a different vocation, but fate played its role and our spirituality of boundless dreamers found its expression in the idea to creating home accessories. For us the home is a sacred place, where you are alone, where you experience both good and bad moments, but most importantly – the place where you create warmth and intimacy. The home is not only bare and empty furniture – this would be simply an apartment or a house; the home is attention to detail and commitment to personal and individual touch of coziness. We took all this as a challenge and decided to make accessories entirely and 100% handmade exactly to enhance and complement traditional furniture, while at same time being comfortable and practical. What could be more incredible than a sweet pouffe ideally matching the perfect picture of your living room. An why not move it and place it under your feet after a day of hard work. 

The pouffe would be an absolute matching accessory to any home, regardless of its interior style, as we use a wide range of fabrics.

Work is pleasure for us and there is nothing more satisfying than creating something new bringing our clients nothing but smiles and joy.